"It's Not Time For That" / Opening Reception
6:00 PM18:00

"It's Not Time For That" / Opening Reception

Aviary Gallery is pleased to present It’s Not Time For That, an exhibition of paintings by Rosie Ranauro at our location, 48 South St. Jamaica Plain, MA.

It's Not Time For That explores the endeavor to inhabit the body in the present moment. In these works, the figure wraps and unwraps as parts of the whole come together and release in a conversation with one another. The artist uses a personal language of symbols and repeated motifs to explore the tension and balance inherent in this process - the figures are joyful and sorrowful, protective and open, at rest and in movement. Ranauro often leverages humor as an access point for the viewer to engage and converse with the works.

This evolving body of work is a gentle call from the self, to the self, to say "Don't go away, stay here, you're here right now in your body. It's not time for that.”

Rosie Ranauro is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores how pain informs the self. Her works are created during exploratory cycles of performance and painting, making use of touch and play to access embodiment.

Ranauro holds a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and lives and works in Boston, MA. She has shown locally and internationally, most recently as an Artist in Residence at The Ou-telier in Duncan, British Colombia.

For Inquiries Please Contact Amy Fink, at aviarygallery@gmail.com

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Nothing's Coming Soon / Clay Maxwell Jordan Book Signing & Lecture
7:00 PM19:00

Nothing's Coming Soon / Clay Maxwell Jordan Book Signing & Lecture

Please join us September 26 for a book signing & lecture with photographer Clay Maxwell Jordan. Copies of his latest monograph, “Nothing’s Coming Soon” are currently available for purchase at Aviary Gallery.

"Nothing's Coming Soon" is the first photography monograph by artist Clay Maxwell Jordan and was released by Fall Line Press in February of 2019. The images were primarily made in the American South and were inspired by the Buddhist belief that "life is suffering". The themes of death, mortality, and decay are counterbalanced with images of grace and unmitigated beauty. What emerges is a poetic, existential meditation on the human condition. 

Clay Maxwell Jordan is a photographer and musician who has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally.  He is a 2019 MacDowell fellow and currently resides in Athens, Georgia. 


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7:30 PM19:30

Vanitas/&&$$$ /Robert HayesKee

Doors at 7:30pm. Music begins at 8:15pm.

$12 general admission

~ &&$$$
Jonathan Starks & Lily Honigberg make up the duo &&$$$. Their musical soundscapes are a mixture of fiddle tunes and supersaws thrown into a vitamix.

Vanitas is a duo comprised of Steven Long (harmonium, synths, found objects) and Brittany Karlson (bass, voice, rebec). The duo takes its name from a line from the book of Ecclesiastes: vanitas vanitatum omina vanitas (vanity of vanities, all is vanity). Our performances create real and imagined acoustic spaces which are interrupted by aspects of everyday life such as cellphone interference, digital refuse, and prerecorded material. We seek to hold up a musical mirror for contemplation.

~Robert Hayes Kee
Robert Hayes Kee lives in Atlanta, GA where he works as an artist, curator and programmer.
His music incorporates electronics, field recordings, computer processing and occasional instrumentation into structured and improvised pieces, utilizing the functions and limitations of devices like home stereo equipment, oscillators, and tape. Pieces often deal with sound as physical matter, daily life as a structuring device, and the relationship between repetition and randomness. He sometimes plays as Nows, sometimes with collaborators.
For ten years, Robert worked at the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery as a curator and event organizer. He worked with both the art and music programming committees, helping to present hundreds of events as a curator, technician, and installer.


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6:30 PM18:30


Aviary is proud to host this show with Jeannie, which begins the countdown to "The Jeannie EP". Join us for an evening that is sure to fill the gallery space with creative voices.
Doors @ 6:30
$5-$10 suggested donation (or whatever you can!)
Line Up:
- Hannah Bates
- Amanda Picciche of In Ivy
- Poetry by Catherine Kenney-Canal
- Yours truly Jeannie

Check out Jeannie’s 2019 Tiny Desk Contest entry here for a little preview of the evening! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxnAC4l4ACc

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6:00 PM18:00

March Exhibition: Dust Collective: Handmade Photography Books Opening

Aviary Gallery is pleased to present Dust Collective: Handmade Photography Books, a group exhibition at our location, 48 South St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

The handmade photography books in this show focus on new approaches to traditional methods of photography and bookmaking. The photographic work within the books highlight themes of time, weather, nature, space, and the history of photography. The books are available in small, limited editions, and are skillfully crafted by each artist by hand. Each book will be complimented by an installation of the artist’s photographic work on the wall.

Dust Collective is a handmade photography book publisher and distributor, managed by Emily Sheffer. It was founded in 2017, and is based in Cambridge, MA.

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6:00 PM18:00

Aviary Gallery Poster Sale Reception

Join us at Aviary Gallery, (48 South St. Jamaica Plain, MA) on January 25th! At our sale, each poster is printed on newsprint paper, and created here at Aviary's lab. They will be available for $8 each, and the funds raised will benefit Aviary’s ability to continue hosting new exhibitions, providing digital lab services, and creating new and inspiring events for our community in 2019!

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to Jan 27

Aviary Gallery Poster Sale

Can’t make it to our Poster Sale reception on Friday night? Fear not! Posters will be available for purchase all weekend long- we just can’t promise any free cookies.

At our sale, each poster is printed on newsprint paper, and created here at Aviary's lab. They will be available for $8 each, and the funds raised will benefit Aviary’s ability to continue hosting new exhibitions, providing digital lab services, and creating new and inspiring events for our community in 2019!

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7:00 PM19:00

Brendan Murray & Marcel Zaes // Unknown Results Concert Series

Brendan Murray

Brendan Murray is a composer of electronic music for film, performance and live presentation. Active since the late 1990's, his music develops slowly, often with an emphasis on repetition and drone. He has performed solo concerts across the United States and Canada, assembled sound track work for multiple films and performances and collaborated with like-minded musicians and visual artists throughout his career.


Marcel Zaes

PULSATIONS / Duration: 40min

The record MARCEL ZAES — PULSATIONS has been published by DUMPF EDITION in September 2018 and is available on www.dumpf.com

Sustained digital sine tones are deployed as the sole sound material. These entirely digital tones are passed through a set of “trash speakers” which act as an instrument as they enliven the digital sounds with analog distortion, noise and dirt. The enriched sounds are picked up by some contact microphones and sent back to the computer as a stream of sound. There, Zaes deploys a self-programmed algorithm based on Brian House’s BRAID.live, which then cuts up the continuous stream of sound into tiny fragments and bits. Over the course of PULSATIONS, this algorithm is gradually changing: from regular, pulse-like “order,” the individual voices of those rhythmic cuts will shift toward the idea of a “swarm” with random hits every now and then, and thereby become less predictable. Zaes’ BRAID.live algorithm is based on a single looped rhythm pattern which in each iteration is slightly altered until it has fully disappeared in the “disorder.”

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7:00 PM19:00

Wendy Eisenberg & Chris Strunk // Unknown Results Performance Series

WENDY EISENBERG is an improvising guitarist, banjo-player, vocalist and poet. Using the languages of free jazz, new music, extreme metal and art song, her music sets to pose and expose the questions surrounding the human body in the world and the representational and technical demands placed on it in artistic practice.

She has written and performed in numerous projects, including the critically acclaimed experimental band, Birthing Hips, described by NPR as “brainy, noisy punk based in sonic adventure, technical mastery, and rejection of the status quo." Her work as an improviser has led to collaborations with Ted Reichman, Joe Morris, Damon Smith, John Zorn, Travis LaPlante and Zach Rowden, among many others. Eisenberg has premiered work by John Zorn, Maria Schneider, and Bill Holman, as well as the work of her many peers.

In addition to her work as a collaborative artist, she has two solo careers: improviser/composer, and songwriter. Wendy’s debut record as an improviser will come out on the esteemed label VDSQ in 2018. Her “songs” album, Time Machine, released on HEC Tapes in April 2017, will be re-released on Feeding Tube records in the spring, and she is slated to release a new song cycle summer 2018.

Wendy has provided soundtrack work for the scientific projects of MIT Media Lab fellow and scientist-artist Ani Liu. Her poetry has been set into a large scale work by Matt Curlee, premiered at the Eastman School of Music in 2014. Her writings on music can be found in John Zorn’s Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music, and on the websites Jazz Right Now and Free Jazz Blog.

Eisenberg's music can be found at wendyeisenberg.bandcamp.com and birthinghips.bandcamp.com.


CHRIS STRUNK is a Boston based percussionist and drummer. His solo work focuses on cymbal overtones, friction, and the vibration and rattle of non traditional objects used as percussion instruments. He has been an active show promoter and musician in the Boston area for the past sixteen years. He has been active in many groups such as Los Condenados, Avoidance, Taps, Phantom Rides, Sheer Anxiety, Conversions, Baja Blatz, Sleeper Cell, and many more. His first full length cd No Chart Could Map My Constellations is soon forthcoming on the newly minted, Philadelphia based label Killing Time Between the Ice Ages.


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7:00 PM19:00

Michael Rosenstein & Jose Rivera // Unknown Results Performance Series

The 6th installment in the performance series will include:

Michael Rosenstein & Jose Rivera

Michael Rosenstein explores the interaction of acoustic and electronic sounds in collectively improvised settings. In his music, he uses amplified surfaces, oscillators and home-made electronics, distressed field recordings, harmonics and overtones, exploiting and feeding off of the resultant unstable sonic events.

José Rivera (aka Proxemia) is an architecturally trained multimedia artist who creates electroacoustic and experimental sound works. He explores the intersections of aural and spatial experience through multi-channel installation and performance, aural cartography, architectural design, and environmental sound recording. He studied sound and art in MIT’s program of Art, Culture, and Technology.

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7:00 PM19:00

Rick Maguire & Kevin Micka // Unknown Results Performance Series

Rick Maguire & Kevin Micka

Pile is an American indie rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Starting as the solo act of Rick Maguire in the late 2000s, Pile has been a collective since the release of "Magic Isn't Real" in 2010. However, from time to time Rick still performs Pile's songs solo.

Kevin Micka plays music under the name Animal Hospital and has also played in the band Neptune. The Animal Hospital Ensemble is a project that evolved out of Kevin's solo work to include up 40 musicians in a circle surrounding an audience. His first sound installation is currently on view at the Aviary Gallery in this current group show.

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7:00 PM19:00

Mike Bullock & Vick Rawlings // Unknown Results Performance Series

The 4th installment of the performance series will include:

Mike Bullock

Mike Bullock is a composer, improviser, visual artist, and writer based in Holyoke, MA.

Bullock has been performing since the mid 90s at venues across the US and in Europe, including Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden; Instants Chavirés in Paris; Café OTO in London; Experimental Intermedia and ISSUE Project Room in New York City; The Philadelphia Museum of Art; and EMPAC in Troy, NY. In June 2015, Bullock received a Performance Grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

Bullock is the Philadelphia Ambassador for The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland [KREV] and also serves as the KREV Minister of Fine Noise and Light.


Vic Rawlings plays prepared cello and open circuit electronics in the form of an instrument self-made from exposed circuit boards and speaker cones...the sense of danger, the awareness that the music is poised permanently on the edge of disintegration and collapse. Despite its refusal to make the slightest concession to the listener, the music draws you in and doesn’t let you go.

-The Wire 

Visiting artist/teaching residencies have included Oberlin Conservatory, MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Wesleyan.

Vic is an improvisor and has worked directly with Alvin Lucier, Michael Pisaro and Christian Wolff and has also performed works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Cornelius Cardew.

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7:00 PM19:00

Morgan Evans-Weiler with Laura Cetilia and James Falzone // Unknown Results Performance Series

Morgan Evans-Weiler
Laura Cetilia
James Falzone

Ordinary Affects will perform two works by Morgan Evans-Weiler - a new version of his project 'Endless Overtones in Relational Space' for cello and sine tones and a trio for violin, vibraphone and cello 'General Motions in Relation'. 

Cellist and electronic musician Laura Cetilia is a performer, composer, educator, and presenter. A daughter of mixed heritage, she is at home with in-betweeness. As a composer, her music has been described as “unorthodox loveliness” by the Boston Globe and and her debut solo album was hailed as “alternately penetrating and atmospheric” in Sequenza 21. The Grove Dictionary of American Music describes her electroacoustic duo Mem1 as a “complex cybernetic entity” that “understands its music as a feedback loop between the past and present.” Mem1 has held artist residencies and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. In her viola/cello duo, Suna No Onna, she has worked closely with and premiered works by composers André Cormier, Jürg Frey and Antoine Beuger, among others. As a product of the now-dwindling public school music program, Laura believes in the right to accessible music education and is a Resident Musician at Community MusicWorks, a non-profit organization that provides free after-school music education programs for children in urban neighborhoods of Providence, RI. There she teaches cello, is co-director of the media lab and the curator of the Ars Subtilior experimental music series. She is also a proud mother of one.

J. P. A. Falzone is a composer and musician whose work is influenced by the conceptual turn taken in systems music. In 2014, he founded The Providence Research Ensemble and is also a member of Ordinary Affects, a Boston based new music collective. His work has also been performed by the S. E. M. Ensemble, the Ostravská Banda, and the Ostrava New Orchestra. This past Fall, Falzone began his graduate studies in music composition at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Morgan Evans-Weiler is a Boston based artist, composer, performer, curator, and educator whose work ranges from composition and sound installation to drawing and design. He is the founder of the New England based ensemble Ordinary Affects and he runs the lecture/concert series Standing Waves in Cambridge, MA. Evans-Weiler has toured both nationally and internationally, and his visual work has been displayed in galleries throughout the United States. He has been commissioned by the SD Soundings Festival, and his music has been released on the Suppedaneum, Another Timbre, Rhizome(S) and Weighter Recordings labels with forthcoming releases on ErstAEU.

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7:00 PM19:00

Forbes Graham & Angela Sawyer // Unknown Results Performance Series

The 2nd installment in the performance series will be:

Forbes Graham & Angela Sawyer

Forbes Graham is a trumpet player, electronic musician, and composer living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with a diverse array of musicians and currently is a member of Para Quintet, Rock Flint Contemporary Ensemble, Wild May, Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra, Grizzler, Construction Party, Equal Time and Citizens Orchestra. He is the founder of the Rock Flint Artists Retreat, and has appeared at numerous festivals including High Zero, Full Force, and Vision.

In her normal, everyday, not at all irregular life, Angela is interested in fairly extreme, obscure, avant-garde music and frequently goes on stage just to make a lot of gargling and retching noises. She also writes record reviews and liner notes and even gets paid for that sometimes. You can read her writing at Perfect Sound Forever. A list of her current bands can be found on this site, as well as some musical recordings.

When not making freaky sounds or creeping people out with esoteric musical history trivia, Angela sometimes hosts shows. For example, you can find out more about the show that happens in her house, Shaves, right on this site. Also, there’s a podcast called The Navel Gaze and a monthly variety show called The Weird and The Beard.


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7:00 PM19:00

Luke Martin // Unknown Results Performance Series

Luke Martin is an experimental composer, performer, and poet currently living in Boston, MA. His work focuses on the concepts of silence, blandness, and social sculpture and is primarily interested in exploring limits of perception and methods of re-evaluating (and altering) processes of everyday life, i.e., ways of being in the world.


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6:00 PM18:00

OPENING RECEPTION: Unknown Results - Auditory & Visual works curated by Kevin Emil Micka & Morgan Evans-Weiler

“The perception of order within”

// On view 8/2/2018 - 9/29/2018

Unknown Results is comprised of work with an element of perceivable order or structure within that may otherwise present itself as random or abstract architecture: an artist's intent to produce a result beyond their control.

Sound installation by Kevin Micka
Visual works by:
Morgan Evans-Weiler
Alex Hamrick
Eli Keszler
Jake Meginsky
Aubrey Daugherty-Costa
Lea Bertucci
Ryoko Akama
& more

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6:00 PM18:00

SELF COMPOSED - Opening Reception

Curated by Jeff Bartell
On view 6/7 - 7/28

CURATOR STATEMENT: Self-portraiture is an age old practice merging artistic subject matter and the creator. In lieu of a sense of tradition or conventional presentation, SELF COMPOSED highlights works that seek to abstract, deconstruct, re-contextualize, and push at the boundaries that define a self portrait.


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6:00 PM18:00



Workshops with Sarah K. Benning



Abandon your embroidery expectations and embrace freestyle stitching and experimentation during this hands-on Contemporary Embroidery workshop with fiber artist Sarah K. Benning.

In this 4-hour session Sarah will help you prep your hoop and fabric, transfer a design from paper to cloth, and introduce you to some of her favourite stitches, while encouraging you experiment with mark-making and non-traditional embroidery techniques. A selection of workshop-exclusive botanical designs will be provided for you to get started, but there are no rules here, just you + your creativity!

Sarah’s contemporary approach to embroidery pulls this craft out of the past and into the present with modern designs and a relaxed attitude. Her emphasis is on drawing, composition, and color choice over rigid structures and traditional stitches. This workshop celebrates intuitive decision making and a departure from the conventions of hand-embroidery, grants you permission to experiment with thread, play with color, embrace imperfections and leave full of inspiration and a new piece of wall art.

image2 (4).JPG

INCLUDED MATERIALS: 5 inch wooden embroidery hoop, Fabric *, Needle, Thread Scissors, Pencil, 2 botanical patterns **, DMC embroidery floss ***

*Participants are welcome to bring their own piece of special fabric if they would prefer, must be at least 7 x 7 inches and shouldn’t be too thick, dark, or stretchy.

**Designs may differ from those in the images.

***A large selection of DMC floss will be provided for participants to share.


BIO: Sarah K. Benning is an American fiber artist with a nomadic studio practice.  Originally from Baltimore, she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies.  Shortly after graduating in 2013, Sarah discovered her love for embroidery and has never looked back.  Sarah currently lives and works from home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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11:00 AM11:00

Signal Flow


Signal Flow

Stompbox Sonic Presents: Yoga with Effects
$10-$15 Sliding Scale
All Proceeds benefit Aviary Gallery

The universe was created by sound. Spend an hour moving, meditating and adding sonic vibrations to the universe. Each class will create a unique sound track created by your movements on the mat tweaked by effects that will make this class feel otherworldly.

All are welcome regardless of experience on the mat.

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7:00 PM19:00

TheProfessor.Gov - Lecture #1

”The American History Survey: Problematizing National Histories” by MCtheProfessor.GOV
This lecture will be a brief critique of the national history survey as the predominant form for organizing historical inquiry, specifically for high school and college students.

James Ikeda [on lecture]
Dylan Citron [on synth]
Fenn Macon [on bass and beats]
Sydney Smith [on clarinet]
Sweater Paws

$5-10 suggested donation

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Aviary's 7 Year Anniversary Bash & Fundraiser
5:00 PM17:00

Aviary's 7 Year Anniversary Bash & Fundraiser

Aviary has been open for 7 years!!! Come celebrate with us on Saturday, March 3rd!

There will be drinks, snacks, and music (performers TBA). This will also function as the opening reception for the fibers show which will be on view through March.

Along with celebrating our seven years in business, we're hoping to raise money to expand our programming and keep the space alive! We will be accepting donations during the event. If you can't make the event but would like to give Aviary a gift and be entered in a raffle, you may paypal info@aviarygallery.com. 

Thank you for all the years of support! We can't wait to see you on Saturday, March 3rd!

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12:00 PM12:00

Holiday Trunk Show / Performances by Robert Noyes and Wendy Eisenberg

On 12/16, we will be hosting our second trunk show of the holiday season. Our buy-off-the-wall holiday show will still be up as well for your viewing pleasure.

Featured artists:
Elisabeth Fuchsia (jewelry - http://www.metal-and-rocks.com/)
Brad Willis (ceramics)
Fiona Stoltze (printed fiber works - http://fionastoltze.com/)

Starting in the evening, there will be musical performances by: 
Robert Noyes (https://poonvillage.bandcamp.com/album/the-feudal-spirit)
Wendy Eisenberg (https://hectapes.bandcamp.com/album/time-machine)

We will also have wine, mulled cider, and snacks. Come buy gifts/come say hello!

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